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Download Sorcery School!

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Welcome to Sorcery School, a captivating destination where fun and magic meet the thrill of TriPeaks Solitaire in a spellbinding puzzle RPG adventure!

This enchanting and fun game, available online & offline, invites players into a mystical world where the challenges of TriPeaks Solitaire merge seamlessly with the storytelling and progression of a role-playing game.

Embark on a magical and entertaining journey as a budding young wizard at Sorcery School, recently besieged by dark forces. The school and its inhabitants are under the spell of monsters, with staff and students held hostage. Your mission, alongside legendary characters like Horatio Hawthorne and Cyrus Silvertongue, is to master various styles of magic through the strategic and fun play of Solitaire card games to overthrow the sinister Master of Darkness.

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